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Night falls on Paris, and the metro rumbles on its last journey towards home. But the City of Lights stays switched on. All across the city, countless people keep the city grinding forwards to the next day. They are bus drivers and kebab vendors, hotel workers and bakers. You’re listening to the people who keep the world turning. You’re listening to the Nightshift.

Karim and Valentin, 

Hotel receptionists 

Paris, District 1 // Montmartre

If you ever come to visit Paris, someone will be waiting to welcome you. Whether you’re checking into a hotel in the glittering 1st arrondissement, or a crowded hostel in the lively neighbourhood of Montmartre, hotel workers stay at their desks til the early hours to keep things running smoothly. Sometimes it’s chaotic, sometimes it’s lonely. This week, Karim and Valentin tell their story of how they came onto the night shift.




in "Mécanique ondulatoire"

Paris, District 11

This week, we visit a spot where Parisians grab a drink and enjoy good Rock’n Roll music - in the vibrant area of Bastille. Clémence is a bartender in the bar Mécanique ondulatoire.

This week, she tells her story of how she came onto the night shift.



Paris, District 1

In the last episode, we spent the night in a bar with Clémence. This time, we’re taking you into the maze of narrow streets that span the first arrondissement. You turn a corner into a dark alley. The only light comes from a neon banner, above a hair salon. Inside the shop, the snipping of scissors and the roar of hairdryers fill the silence of the evening. Djelani Maachi is a special kind of hairdresser : every full moon, he stays up all night. After all, night owls also need a haircut.


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